Why You Need the Latest USB-C to Lightning Cables


Apple continues to make various versions of their phones, but despite the drastic changes being witnessed on these devices, one part remains constant; the lightning port. Several debates have been about why some companies retain the lightning cable while other brands have transitioned to the USB-C. Unfortunately, this trend seems unlikely to change in the coming years. However, this does not mean that you can’t have the best of both worlds by owning the USB-C to lightning cable. If you’re already sold on this concept, click here to access the Ugreen website, and get yourself one; we recommend reading this article to learn why this cable is an awesome creation.

Advantages of the latest USB-C to lightning cables

The USB-C to lightning cable incorporates both the lightning and the USB-C connectors. This enables the user to have the best of both cables at a go. Nevertheless, the USB lightning cable has several advantages compared to the conventional lightning cable. Here’s why you should consider getting one.


Your conventional lightning cable will probably come white, with two identical ends. This means that such cables are only suited for standard tasks. However, USB-C to lightning cables come in different sizes and forms. You get to buy what you want. The conventional lightning cables come in the same length, but you can buy them in different lengths with the USB lightning cable. They also come in different designs, such as the 90-degrees cable.

Increased charging speeds

The conventional lightning cable can charge your phone about 20% in half an hour. However, the USB-C to lightning cable can charge the same phone to 50% in the same amount of time. This feat is made possible due to the cable’s handling of up to 18 watts compared to the 2 watts on the regular lightning cable. Nobody will fail to appreciate the speeds, and investing in such a charger is a real deal.

Improved build

It’s common knowledge that some lightning cables are not friendly to extreme bending. The exterior tears quite quickly, exposing wires and hazardous to everyone using the cable. This is not the case with the USB-C to lightning cable. The latter is made from tough materials such as kevlar or PVC that ensure that your cables are properly insulated. Additionally, these materials have undergone multiple bend tests, making them ideal for any situations you’ll subject them to.

Data transmission

The standard lightning cable is capable of speeds of 25 to 35 Mbps. With the USB lightning cable, you’ll have access to 480 Mbps and over 5Gbps if your cable is USB-C. With such cables, you’ll be able to transfer more data in less time than you would have with a normal cable. If you are in a field that requires a lot of data transmission, this cable will save you time.


The USB-C to lightning cable is one of the most efficient cables ever made since it’s meant to be a solution to the slow, poorly constructed lightning cables that come with most Apple phones. Don’t hesitate to browse for these and other cables on Ugreen website today.

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